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Bright spot theory and the science of the heart

Bright spot theory and the science of the heart

My heart is like a toddler. It has very little concern for cause and effect and only a tenuous grasp on temporality. All sorts of things it really ought to know by now, it doesn’t appear to. I’ve had years to teach it better social behavior, but it’s basically still the kid jumping up and down in the back of the room, raising its hand so high it hurts, saying ‘I can do that!’ to crazy things I’m…

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At The Gutter: A Little Bit of Evil Keeps You Alive

Screen Editor alex looks at contagion and epidemiologically-driven narratives from 28 Days Later and Alien 3 to Resident Evil and Newsflesh.

It’s inside you.If you’re talking about blood or cookies, that’s a good thing. You definitely want those inside you. If you’re talking about aliens or zombie viruses, not so much, right? Well, 99% of the time the answer is probably ‘Hell, no!’ but the other 1% makes it a much more interesting question than it appears at first glance.

Xenomorph facehugger anatomical drawing by Dave McGinty.

At The Gutter: Brains

This week, Romance Editor Chris discovers that while she hates zombies, she likes Warm Bodies.

Lately the sheer ubiquity of zombies has added a patina of irritation to my hatred.  Ever since Seth Grahame-Smith plunked zombies into Jane Austen, the damn things pop up everywhere.  Appearances in works of classic literature turned into cameos in every historical period that could possibly contain the concept of the walking dead.  Post-apocalypse.  Pre-apocalypse.  Both World Wars, along with pretty much every other major armed conflict one could name.  Magic zombies.  Fast zombies.  Zombies in fairy tales, and on every street corner.  In fact I’m so overwhelmingly sick of zombies that I’m ceasing to be so afraid of them*.  Insult to injury, they’ve become tedious as well as terrifying.  There is little that will make me drop a book faster than even a hint of zombieness within.

Strange, then, that I loved Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion so much.

Trailer for The Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated. It’s a response by 150 artists to George A. Romero’s classic film.

And writer Peter Gutiérrez has donated 2 dvd copies as perks for our Indiegogo fundraiser! Gutiérrez wrote the liner notes, and Gutter fans might recognize him from his articles at Twitch, Rue Morgue and The School Library Journal blog, Connect The Pop.

There are only 2 copies, so get them while you can!

At the Gutter: Working in the Groove

James Schellenberg takes a look at two authors getting a lot of attention for very different books— covering boarding school magic and zombies—and discovers what they have in common:

Among Others by Jo Walton just won the Nebula Award for best novel, and Seanan McGuire (in combination with her pseudonym Mira Grant) was just nominated for four Hugo awards in one year, a new record. I figured I should take a look at Walton’s book, along with something by Grant (I ended up reading Feed), to find out what the excitement is about.

What do the two books have in common?

At the Gutter: When to Start Laughing: Homocidal Hillbillies and Absurd Horror-Comedies

Screen Editor alex shares his list of absurd horror comedies, including Miike, Bergman, Tucker & Dale.

Sometimes life is uncooperative. The consequences extend from our highest functions to the lowest corners of the cultural gutter. Here, friends, is the result of my non-compliant life situation: a list of things that make me think of other things, loosely organized around the theme of absurd horror-comedies!

At the Gutter: My Brain Knows How To Creep Me Out

Screen Editor alex examines the power of his brain:

My wife spends a lot of time thinking about zombies. Recently she posed me a question: which is the more powerful image, a zombie baby or an empty infant car seat during a zombie epidemic? The zombie baby is creepy, sure, and if it’s well done it’s horrifying, but I think for me the empty car seat wins because it leaves so much horror to the imagination. And my brain knows exactly how to creep me out.

(image via the NIH)

Amazing zombie sculpture carved from pumpkin by Ray Villafane. Click through for more images.

Amazing zombie sculpture carved from pumpkin by Ray Villafane. Click through for more images.

At the Gutter: Summer Fun Time Reading ‘11

This week at the Gutter, Carol writes about some Summer Fun Time Reading:

It’s summer time and instead of beer bottles exploding out of coolers in a shower of refreshing ice, bikini-clad hotties and fireworks as we know it should be, everything is wilting and perhaps even melting. As far as I can tell there are only two possible explanations—Hot Lava Monsters have readjusted the earth’s thermostat to facilitate their impending conquest or Heat Miser has finally won his eternal struggle with Cold Miser.

Either way,  huddle close to your window air conditioner or three-speed fan, don your coolest slip like Maggie the Cat and enjoy these seven summer reads.

At the Gutter: Chris is “grumpy as a grated badger” and has some complaints about Romance novels (and zombies) to get off her chest in, "Whine. And Cheese."

At the Gutter: Chris is “grumpy as a grated badger” and has some complaints about Romance novels (and zombies) to get off her chest in, "Whine. And Cheese."