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Posts tagged: the dark knight rises

At the Gutter: The Dark Knight and the Bitter Tears of Alfred Pennyworth

Screen Editor alex and Comics Editor Carol continue their discussion of The Dark Knight Rises:

This week Screen Editor alex MacFadyen and Comics Editor Carol Borden continue discussing The Dark Knight Rises. We both like Batman and we’re fascinated by how many different Batmans there are. Even though there are things we like about the film, we want to figure out what is it about The Dark Knight Rises‘ Batman that makes him not quite ours, who is, what we like about him and why. Because Batman is good to think about. Part 1 is here.

At the Gutter: Batman vs. The French Revolution

Comics Editor Carol didn’t expect the French Revolution while watching the Dark Knight Rises.  But then again, no one expects the French Revolution.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman tells the people of Gotham that anyone can be a hero, that anyone could be Batman. But we—and Bruce Wayne—are also repeatedly told: Gotham needs Batman. I’m not sure The Dark Knight Rises backs Batman up. And this makes me a little sad, because I believe strongly in the idea that we can all be heroes.  Sitting in the drive-in on a summer night, I was distracted by those questions and the obtrusion of the French Revolution while I watched the film.

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