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At The Gutter: Maybe We’ll Buy A Boat

Screen Editor alex ponders theoretical sailboats, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the guy he’ll never be:

To my mind, those empty boat supports became a metaphor for the things you know in your heart of hearts you’re never going to do but you just can’t quite let go. Instead you bend and twist to fit around them so you don’t have to admit to yourself that you’re actually just not that guy. Sometimes you could never be that guy, and sometimes you can’t be without giving something else up so you have to choose. And sometimes that choice really sucks.

But how do you differentiate between an achievable dream and an unrealistic fantasy? It’s one of the central dilemmas in The Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I have seen many, many times (minus the scary scenes with the villains, Boggis, Bunce and Bean).


Thanks, Ray. 

At The Gutter: Ray Harryhausen and Me: A Life of High Adventure and Escapism


Guest Star Miguel Rodriguez shares his love of Clash of the Titans and Ray Harryhausen:

When I was too young to really remember, I was taken to this film in the theater. Because I have no real memory of that experience, I am amazed by my true first memory of Clash of the Titans (1981). It all happened because of a wonderful non-profit program called Reading is Fundamental, or Reading is Fun as we called it when I was in elementary school. Many of you know about this: kids are given a colorful little RIF catalog on toilet-paper-thin newsprint paper with a wealth of covers and titles to choose from. Their parents help to make an order, and then, weeks later, the classroom desk is stacked high with the books that kids have ordered. It was like Christmas. And one of the books I had chosen was an oversized hardcover children’s book version of Ray Harryhausen’s Clash of the Titans movie.

You can find Miguel at Monster Island Resort Podcast and Horrible Imaginings Film Festival.

(Photography taken by Miguel Rodriguez)

RIP, Ray Harryhausen. We have a collection of interviews, tributes and obituaries here.

RIP, Ray Harryhausen. We have a collection of interviews, tributes and obituaries here.


Merry Christmas everyone. This SNL video by Robert Smigel is for my Jewish wife and our sons. 

(via NBC/SNL)


Christmastime for Jews” by Robert Smigel, co-written by Matt O’Brien, Eric Drysdale & Julie Klausner. The creative team also includes director vocalist Darlene Love, director David Brooks, and my high school bandmate, saxophonist Bruce Kapler. (Unfortunately, I can’t unearth any other credits.) 

Christmastime for Jews” 

on christmas eve, the gentiles gather 
around the christmas tree 
they stay at home, and party with 
their goyishe family 

they disappear one day each year 
and pass the egg nog ’round 
but it’s all right 
because that’s the night 
the jews control the town 

well, this happens every year on christmas eve 
all the happy christian people take their leave 
yeah, the streets are deserted and that’s big news 
it’s christmas time for the jews 

the holiday party starts about 6pm 
ain’t nobody recreating bethlehem 
yeah the three wise men, that’s a big old snooze 
it’s christmas time for the jews 

they can finally see king kong without waiting in line 
they can eat in chinatown and drink their sweet ass wine 
they can crank barbra streisand on the streets they cruise 
it’s christmas time for the jews 

they can gang up on the quakers 
play for the lakers 
they can do what they wanna 
even blow off madonna 
get a chance to drive a tractor 
win on fear factor 
see fiddler on the roof with actual jewish actors 

now, they really get the party goin’ after dark 
circumcising grateful squirrels in the city park 
picking fights in the bar knowing they can’t lose 
it’s christmas time for the jews 

now it’s nearly 10:30 
yes, it’s time for bed 
daily show reruns dancin’ in their heads 
maybe next year they’ll learn how to hold their booze 
it’s christmas time for the jews

Blur or smear frame faces from ParaNorman. (via The Mary-Sue)

Blur or smear frame faces from ParaNorman. (via The Mary-Sue)

Happy Birthday, Ray Harryhausen! Here are all his creatures in chronological order set to the music of Tito Puente!

Amazing and well-made all the way around. “The Deep.” (via The Accidental Optimist)