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At The Gutter: The Stephen King Universe

SF/F Editor Emeritus James Schellenberg returns to The Gutter this week as a Guest Star and continues his exploration of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series:

You can easily glance off the top of any book by Stephen King–get a few frights and move on. But there’s a hidden world beneath almost all of his books, and not only is it frightening, it’s incredibly intricate (see this flow chart). I revisited King’s Dark Tower series and some of the related books, and while I’m not entirely sure it was worth it, here are a few things that struck me.

(Illustration from The Wind Through The Keyhole by Jae Lee)

At the Gutter: The Dark Tower, Videogame Soundtrack Edition

Science Fiction Editor James battles the plague and starts to see connections between Bastion and The Dark Tower:

Now, it’s true that a lot of things are Stephen-King-esque (as Grady Hendrix says over at “Stephen King is such a part of the American cultural consciousness that there’s no point in debating his importance anymore”), but Bastion specifically reminds me of King’s The Dark Tower, which is a bit of a different beast than his more horror-focused works. I talked about The Dark Tower on the Gutter a while ago here.

Ruled By The Subconscious

At the Gutter, James Schellenberg writes about Stephen King’s Under the Dome:

A confession: I’m having trouble making my way through Stephen King’s Under the Dome. I must also confess I’m a bit puzzled by this. I’m definitely a fan of King’s work. And from what I’ve read so far, this book sticks pretty closely to high points of his career. What gives?

The image is Vincent Chong’s cover art for the Polish edition of Under the Dome found via Mr. Chong’s blog.