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Star Wars Anime

A bit of Star Wars anime by Paul Michael Johnson, a.k.a. Otaking77077 (Thanks, Mortis!)

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At The Gutter: Death To Life Day

SF/F Editor Keith rewatches The Star Wars Holiday Special and reports on his findings:

A lot of people my age have vague memories of a Star Wars holiday special back from some time in the 1970s, but beyond that their memories go blurry. Maybe they recall it had something or other to do with wookies, but specifics are difficult to drag up from the recesses of the mind — and not without good reason. In my circle of friends, it was referred to simply as A Very Wookie Christmas, and the search for a copy was nearly as furious as our search for a copy of Bruce Lee Versus Gay Power. Nowadays, for better or for worse, you can just pop onto Youtube, or any number of torrent sites, and download a copy of The Star Wars Holiday Special — or Bruce Lee Versus Gay Power. But in the early days human civilization (the 1990s), such searches were far more complex. The quest for Bruce Lee Versus Gay Power lasted years, and when it finally ended in success, the film proved very quickly that none of the effort had been worth it. The search for The Star Wars Holiday Special was similarly involved, and when it finally culminated in my possession of a VHS copy, I soon discovered I was better off with Bruce Lee Versus Gay Power.


This is amazing.

Mike Doughty, performing as Dubious Luxury, does a dance remix of:

  • The Star Trek fight music from Amok Time
  • The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
  • Queen’s Flash Gordon Theme.

It is real, and it is spectacular.



The Vader Session, a fine mix of Star Wars and James Earl Jones’ dialog from his other films. 

Star Wars by Sartre. (Thanks, Michelle)