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Posts tagged: soundtracks

Happy Birthday to Chow Yun-Fat! Sally Yeh sings.

At the Gutter: The Dark Tower, Videogame Soundtrack Edition

Science Fiction Editor James battles the plague and starts to see connections between Bastion and The Dark Tower:

Now, it’s true that a lot of things are Stephen-King-esque (as Grady Hendrix says over at “Stephen King is such a part of the American cultural consciousness that there’s no point in debating his importance anymore”), but Bastion specifically reminds me of King’s The Dark Tower, which is a bit of a different beast than his more horror-focused works. I talked about The Dark Tower on the Gutter a while ago here.



Maybe old news, but still one of the super-coolest things I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Those red-suited henchmen in the floating pods looking around get me every time.

I’ve seen it before several times, but as soon as I heard those drums I had to watch it all the way through again. Best opening theme song of all time. And a dandy recreation and homage.


Nice cover of “Tokyo Drifter / Tokyo Nagaremono” by Japanese Academic Punks with Tokyo BIG Beat Junky.

Plus nice footage from the original film.

Still have Black Belt Jones on my mind.