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Posts tagged: murder

At the Gutter: Murder and Intuition: Overlooking the Corpses in the Shrubbery

Screen Editor alex watches Miss Marple:

In the opening credits to the PBS series, the camera pans over a watercolor sketch of the quaint English village of St. Mary Mead, accompanied by a pastoral score. It seems so picturesque one might easily overlook the corpse in the shrubbery or the woman giving you the evil eye from her veranda.

At the Gutter: Murder in the (Fantastical) Big City

This week at the Gutter, James smashes together some genres and investigates murder mysteries in urban fantasy crime scenes “and, at first glance, it’s a meeting of true minds.”

At the Gutter: Born in Blood

This week Comics Editor Carol writes about 3 men born in blood: Catman Thomas Blake, Dexter Morgan and Batman.

I’ve been watching Dexter, and thinking about Thomas Blake, Catman in Gail Simone’s comic, Secret Six (DC, 2008-2011). With his tousled blond hair and predatory grin, Michael C. Hall would make an excellent candidate for any portrayal of Catman.  But there are deeper resonances than physical resemblance.