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Dearest Students,

This is my own composition notebook homework assignment in progress. Professor Chewbacca reflects on the crayon experience. I’ve inked it and now I’m coloring it in

I like to figure out problems in my composition notebook using drawing and slow writing and non-photo blue pencil to help me with certain problems that defy being approached head on. I’ve found there is something to moving ones hand in a certain way — like a coloring way— while filling in a space and half thinking and half not-thinking about this something you are trying to figure out that invites possible answers to present themselves..


Professor Chewbacca

Always, Lynda Barry.


Twenty students in The Unthinkable Mind class were told they had a week to memorize Emily Dickinson’s Poem #530.

Two days later, before most of them had started working on it they were asked write down what they could remember of the poem.

QUESTION: What traces does a poem leave behind after one has read it only once or twice?

Poem # 530

You cannot put a Fire out -- A Thing that can ignite Can go, itself, without a Fan -- Upon the slowest Night -- You cannot fold a Flood -- And put it in a Drawer -- Because the Winds would find it out -- And tell your Cedar Floor --

Jeff the Fly shares his poetry.


Jeff the Fly shares his poetry.