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"Classy Ladies, Scary Movies"

“Classy Ladies, Scary Movies”

At Mostly Film, Blake Backlash writes about films “mixing of Hollywood’s Grande Dames with Grand Guignol.”  “Such cinematic mixing of Grande Dames and Grand Guignol had its heyday in the second-half of the sixties, and such films are sometimes (more-or-less) affectionately known as psycho-biddy pictures. They tended to feature an actress over 50 in some sort of peril, a melodramatic plot and a…

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"Beauty Is The Beast"

“Beauty Is The Beast”

At Bookview Cafe, Sherwood Smith reviews Rosmund Hodge’s Cruel Beauty and goes on to discuss the history and the many variations on the story of “The Beauty and the Beast.”“At my age, I find that the more interesting versions of the tale are not just about heroine versus sexy-but-dangerous hero/villain. Though that can be fun! Ambivalence about violence, anger versus love, fear of the Other,…

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"Le Bestiare Fabuleux"

“Le Bestiare Fabuleux”

“A mid-20th century collaboration between artists, poets and printers gave rise to a unique book of surrealistic creatures accompanied by complementary typographic art poems.” See more at BibliOdyssey. (Thanks, Andrezo!)

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The History of the Eye Close-Up

The History of the Eye Close-Up

At, Alan Zilberman explores the history of the eye in cinema from Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) to Mark Cahill’s I Origins (2014). (via Matt Zoller Seitz)

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Global Pop Offensive!

Friend of the Gutter, Todd from Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! joins the Pop Offensive to share two hours of fine global pop. Listen here.

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Serge Gainsbourg & Bridget Bardot, “Comic Strip” (1968)

I love absolutely everything about this.

At the Gutter: Batman vs. The French Revolution

Comics Editor Carol didn’t expect the French Revolution while watching the Dark Knight Rises.  But then again, no one expects the French Revolution.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman tells the people of Gotham that anyone can be a hero, that anyone could be Batman. But we—and Bruce Wayne—are also repeatedly told: Gotham needs Batman. I’m not sure The Dark Knight Rises backs Batman up. And this makes me a little sad, because I believe strongly in the idea that we can all be heroes.  Sitting in the drive-in on a summer night, I was distracted by those questions and the obtrusion of the French Revolution while I watched the film.

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At the Gutter: When to Start Laughing: Homocidal Hillbillies and Absurd Horror-Comedies

Screen Editor alex shares his list of absurd horror comedies, including Miike, Bergman, Tucker & Dale.

Sometimes life is uncooperative. The consequences extend from our highest functions to the lowest corners of the cultural gutter. Here, friends, is the result of my non-compliant life situation: a list of things that make me think of other things, loosely organized around the theme of absurd horror-comedies!


French artist Abadidabou Sarah Esteje uses a blue Bic pen to draw incredible animal portraits.