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Line Up for the TIFF 2014 Vanguard Program

Line Up for the TIFF 2014 Vanguard Program

Here are the films playing the Vanguard program at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival: Spring; Luna; Hyena; Goodnight, Mommy / Ich Seh, Ich Seh; Alleluia; The Duke Of Burgundy; Over Your Dead Body; Shrew’s Nest; They Have Escaped; Waste Land; The World of Kanako; and The Voices. (Trailers added as they become available).

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Movies! Movies! Movies!

The Toronto International Film Festival has announced its Midnight Madness and Vanguard programs for 2014. There’s lots of goodness in there and it’s worth taking a look even if you aren’t going to the festival, so you can you movie watching later this year or next. We’ll be posting the trailers from the films later.

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Dave McKean’s cover to FA # 109, 1989.

The same issue contained a Neil Gaiman interview, which was accompanied by “Neil’s original computer notes for his Sandman project”, including;