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"A Beginner’s Guide To Jademan"

“A Beginner’s Guide To Jademan”

The Comics Journal takes an in-depth look a Tony Wong Yuk-Long, Ma Wing-Shing and the massive Hong Kong comics publisher, Jademan Holdings Ltd., and Jademan in North America: “He is a showman, this Tony Wong–a real Stan Lee, though I would argue that he is more interesting than the American model.” (via Kaiju Shakedown).

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"Thoughts on the New Thor: Legacy, Characterization and a Possible New Reboot"

“Thoughts on the New Thor: Legacy, Characterization and a Possible New Reboot”

At The Comics Professor, Mark D. White writes about the new Thor and reader reaction. “Recently it was announced—on The View, of all places—that the next person found worthy to wield the power of Thor in the Marvel Universe would be a woman, after the current Thor is judged unworthy. (See here for the best write-up I’ve found, including an interview with writer Jason Aaron and EIC Axel Alonso.)…

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Well, are you a Red Dupe? (1) Unattributed parody of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’s America The Book, & (2) EC Comic’s response to the anti-Comics moral panic of the 50s, as created by Jack Davis & Albert B. Feldstein and printed in 1954’s Haunt Of Fear.

RIP, Al Feldstein

Al Feldstein has died. Feldstein got his start at EC Comics, creating Tales From The Crypt and several other titles, and later became editor for MAD Magazine. The Comics Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine and Robot 6 have obituaries. NPR’s All Things Considered remembers Feldstein. At The Atlantic Wire, Eric Levinson considers, “How Al Feldstein Helped Shape Modern…

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"Indian Comics Beyond Balloons and Panels"

“Indian Comics Beyond Balloons and Panels”

Alok Sharma spent five years finding creators of Indian comics for his documentary, Chitrakatha: Indian Comics Beyond Balloons and Panels. Check out all the resources at the film’s website and this ten minutes of footage from the film.  There’s also an older news story about the film at The New Indian Express. (Thanks, Aseem Chandaver)

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Interview with Denys Cowan“Legendary comic book artist and Milestone Media co-founder Denys Cowan joined CBR executive…View Post

Interview with Denys Cowan

“Legendary comic book artist and Milestone Media co-founder Denys Cowan joined CBR executive…

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New Original Killing Joke Artwork Revealed; Even More Torture Porny than We Thought


I don’t think its any surprised that I’m not a fan of The Killing Joke. I consider it to be at best a mediocre Batman story and one of the lowest moments in DC history in their treatment of female characters.

We all know what happens to Barbara Gordon in the book. We all have heard the tales of Alan Moore calling Len Wein for permission to shoot Barbara Gordon in the book and the response he received:

"I asked DC if they had any problem with me crippling Barbara Gordon - who was Batgirl at the time - and if I remember, I spoke to Len Wein, who was our editor on the project…[He] said, ‘Yeah, okay, cripple the bitch.’

For years there have been discussions about how Barbara Gordon was treated in the book - shot, stripped and photographed naked. I, like many others, have bluntly called it torture porn.

But of course others differ. I’ve been told that there is no rape so there is no mysogyny. That “Jim Gordon is also naked, so it there is no sexism.” That it isn’t about Barbara being a woman but about her being collateral damage.

Sure. Sure it is.

Today some original art from The Killing Joke showed up. And it shows that page. You know page with the photos that Jim Gordon is shown of his daughter.

And the page is a bit different. Brian Bolland has already saidI drew what was in the script. That’s my job. I was asked to tone it down a bit.”

So he drew what Moore had in his original script. 


And the art work? (NSFW and graphic for nudity and violence)

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