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At the Gutter: The Dark Knight and the ACME Bomb

Screen Editor alex and Comics Editor Carol have a conversation about The Dark Knight Rises. alex prefaces it:

Nuclear bombs are not made by ACME. The 1960′s Adam West Batman may have had a lot in common with Wile E. Coyote, but Nolan’s Dark Knight series is deeply invested in realism. If a bomb detonated over the bay 6 miles out of Gotham, there would be no happy citizens the next day. That bus load of children who watched it explode would have suffered permanent damage, and Wayne Manor would have ended up as a hospice for blind, irradiated orphans. So why was I willing to suspend my disbelief about all kinds of other unbelievable things, but not about a nuclear bomb going off that close to Gotham and everyone being just fine and dandy the next day?

At the Gutter: Batman vs. The French Revolution

Comics Editor Carol didn’t expect the French Revolution while watching the Dark Knight Rises.  But then again, no one expects the French Revolution.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman tells the people of Gotham that anyone can be a hero, that anyone could be Batman. But we—and Bruce Wayne—are also repeatedly told: Gotham needs Batman. I’m not sure The Dark Knight Rises backs Batman up. And this makes me a little sad, because I believe strongly in the idea that we can all be heroes.  Sitting in the drive-in on a summer night, I was distracted by those questions and the obtrusion of the French Revolution while I watched the film.

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Battle of Incoherence. Summer 2012.


Battle of Incoherence. Summer 2012.


"Bane?….Please god no."

Back in 2008 Gutter Screen Editor Ian Driscoll pondered who could be the villain in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman movie.

When the question arises of who could be the villain in a third Batman movie, I’m stymied. I can’t picture The Penguin or The Riddler or Catwoman working in the world Christopher Nolan has created. Poison Ivy? I don’t think so. The Mad Hatter? Clayface? Kite Man? Bane? Nope, nope, nope and please god no….

The only possible candidates I’ve come up with are Hugo Strange, Black Mask and possibly Deadshot (and, it goes without saying, the Gorilla Boss).

Why is it so hard to come up with a villain for a third Batman film? I think it’s because The Dark Knight so effectively nullifies its own superheroic elements - and I’m not the first one to make note of this.

Read more of Ian’s “Having Your Duality and Eating It, Too” at The Cultural Gutter.

Some pictures to help you with the “Dark Knight Rising” casting


The response to today’s casting can be broken down into three broad themes:

1. Anne Hathaway, she’s so sweet. WTF?

2. Tom Hardy, he’s not Latino. WTF?

3. You all complained when Nolan cast Ledger, STFU.

So here to help along those that have some issues with the actors announced are some photos to help you potentially get there.

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I wish that Tim Burtton hadn’t established 2 villains / movie with Catwoman and the Penguin and that sometime Catwoman could be the main villain.