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At The Gutter: Forget The Consequences, Just Get Me A Sandwich

This week at the Gutter, Screen Editor alex looks at Adventure Time, narrative, consequences and sandwiches.

Over the past several months I’ve been working my way through all of Pendleton Ward‘s Adventure Time, in part because it comes in 11 minute segments that are easy to squeeze into tiny cracks of spare time, but mostly because it’s awesome. There are lots of things to love about it – the humor, the weirdness, the clever allusions to art and literature – but I think the thing I enjoy most is how creatively they play with narrative. Watching all of the ideas they’re able to explore by ignoring the usual boundaries of time, space and consequences makes me realize how limiting conventions can be.

RIP, Kate O’Mara

RIP, Kate O’Mara

Actor Kate O’Mara has died. She performed the Rani in Doctor Who, Caress Morell in Dynasty, Mademoiselle Perrodot in The Vampire Lovers and Alys in The Horror of Frankenstein. O’Mara also had roles in Absolutely Fabulous, The Avengers, The Saint, Danger Man / Secret Agent, The Persuaders and Adam Adamant Lives!  The Guardian, Digital Spy and the BBC have obituaries. The Independent has tributes.…

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RIP, Lorenzo Semple

Screenwriter and creator of the Sixties Batman television series Lorenzo Semple has died. Besides Batman, Gutter readers might know Semple best from his screenplays for, The Parallax View, Flash Gordon (1980), Papillon, The Drowning Pool, Never Say Never Again, Sheena, and King Kong (1976). The Los Angeles TimesThe Hollywood Reporter and Comics Alliancehave obituaries. Semple also hosted the…

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Happy 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!




I’m the co-creator and writer of a little comic book series called “Snakor’s Pizza”. To date we’ve published 3 issues (plus a summer special). I’m working on the latest issue now, but in the meantime I wanted to share this great little story my pals Dave Howlett & Toby Orr put together. This will see print in the future, but for now this is the only place you can read it. Enjoy! - sj

Do yourself a favor and find Snakor’s Pizza #1-#3… a great boon by an even greater bunch of guys

I am so glad I stumbled across this.

At The Gutter: A Man’s Life

Comics Editor Carol faces down shirtless white men, women in shredded gowns and hordes of rabid animals just to bring you this week’s article on postwar men’s adventure magazine covers…

A man presses himself against the wall of a collapsed mine as a grizzly, reared on its hind legs, swipes at him through a gap in the rocks. A man, barechested, fights off a swarm of vampire bats as they tear his flesh. A man, chained, grits his teeth as a woman with a Nazi armband whips him with a crop.

If the covers of Man’s Life are anything to go by, a man’s life is filled with Nazis, floppy women in tattered gowns and animal attacks.

More here.

If you enjoyed the illustrations in Comics Editor Carol’s article about men’s adventure magazines from the 1950s and 1960s, here are many more. Art by Norm Saunders and Wil Hulsey.


Thanks, Ray. 

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Summer Fun Time Reading ‘13

It’s hot and the air already feels like unset Jell-O, but you still have some time to prepare for…

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My favorite guy in Hercules Against The Mongols / Maciste Contro I Mongoli (1963)