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Killers’ Style

Killers’ Style

The Gutter’s own Keith has started a new side project, Killers’ Style, exploring the style of well-dressed villains. His first post is a look at Hannibal Lecter’s full Windsor knot.

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RIP, Lorenzo Semple

Screenwriter and creator of the Sixties Batman television series Lorenzo Semple has died. Besides Batman, Gutter readers might know Semple best from his screenplays for, The Parallax View, Flash Gordon (1980), Papillon, The Drowning Pool, Never Say Never Again, Sheena, and King Kong (1976). The Los Angeles TimesThe Hollywood Reporter and Comics Alliancehave obituaries. Semple also hosted the…

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Collection of R.K. Laxman Cartoons

Collection of R.K. Laxman Cartoons

The Times of India has collected a gallery of satirical cartoons by R.K. Laxman. And here are episodes of R.K. Laxman Ki Duniya, a tv show based on his work.

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At The Gutter: Fun! Charm! Thrilling Adventure!

Comics Editor Carol thinks about fun, charm and nostalgia while reading The Thrilling Adventure Hour graphic novel:

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a beacon in a grittily realistic, grimdark pop culture landscape, one guiding lost souls to fun, charm and adventure. And I’m glad to see The Thrilling Adventure Hour adapted from podcast radio play into graphic novel because I like what it portends for fun stories in the future and because charm is something I can use more of in my entertainment and my life.

At The Gutter: The Turn Of The Tale

Romance Editor Chris shares some of her favorite fairy tale retellings.

When it comes to fairy tales, I’m no purist. I love re-tellings, revisions, old favourites made new and strange. That, I think, is what I liked best about Frozen: it took the bare idea of the Snow Queen and told a completely different story, albeit one in which we can vaguely recognize the original. And that reminded me of some of my favourite fairy tale retellings… and how  so many of them are love stories.

Image, “Beauty and the Beast” by Walter Crane. Via "Grimm Girls: Picturing the Princess."

Frozen: Jane Austen Meets The Snow QueenMy mom raised me with three things: Feminism; “You don’t have to like your sister, but you can’t…View Post

Frozen: Jane Austen Meets The Snow Queen

My mom raised me with three things: Feminism; “You don’t have to like your sister, but you can’t…

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