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RIP, Lorenzo Semple

Screenwriter and creator of the Sixties Batman television series Lorenzo Semple has died. Besides Batman, Gutter readers might know Semple best from his screenplays for, The Parallax View, Flash Gordon (1980), Papillon, The Drowning Pool, Never Say Never Again, Sheena, and King Kong (1976). The Los Angeles TimesThe Hollywood Reporter and Comics Alliancehave obituaries. Semple also hosted the…

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Martial arts star and action choreographer Philip Kwok Chun-Fung’s birthday is Oct. 21. Happy Birthday! Kwok has worked with directors including Chang Cheh, Tsui Hark and John Woo. He also has provided action direction for Brotherhood of the Wolf and the Hong Kong portion of Tomorrow Never Dies.

James Bond Theme from the album: Dr. No


James Bond Theme arranged by John Barry

R.I.P., John.

I just love this so much. Via August Ragone.