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The Best of 2012 for DC Women!


It’s time to say goodbye to 2012 and time for me to do my “bests” and “worsts” for the women of DC Comics. Last year, I did the “worsts” first and so it seems only fair that this year the lists start with the “bests.” 

And just like they’ll do the countdown tonight, it is in reverse order:

10. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman - Last year one of my “bests” was that she was going to be in the movie and was being prominently featured in the marketing of it. This year it is because she was great in the movie. Even the best thing in the movie according to more than a few folks. Catwoman has officially been redeemed as a movie character so let’s please never again refer to the awful 2004 movie and let’s hope they do a Catwoman movie with Hathaway. And let’s hope the comic is soon as awesome as Hathaway was. I hope to be back next year to say how awesome Amy Adams is as Lois Lane in Man of Steel.


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