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At The Gutter: High Diving Boards, Banana Costumes, and Other Risks Worth Taking

Screen Editor alex writes a little about life, cartoons and sit coms:

I come from a family of eggheads, so summer camp for me was usually something like Mini University. We’d play with metal shavings and magnets, or compete to design the most aerodynamic paper planes, but one of the things we also got to do was use the Olympic swimming pool with a full size, triple-decker diving board. The very top board was always roped off, but one of my best friends dared me to climb up to the level below it and jump off with her. It was high enough that it was hard to even make ourselves walk to the edge, but we agreed that on the count of three we’d run and jump. It wasn’t until I surfaced that I realized she was still up there, staring down at me.

"The Happy Hunks of Tom of Finland"

“The Happy Hunks of Tom of Finland”

Andy Khouri celebrates “the Happy Hunks of Tom of Finland” at Comics Alliance. “Tom of Finland was the Jack Kirby of gay porn. Working in a section of the comics industry that most fans perhaps spend little time exploring, Tom was a masterful artist, a pioneer, and an inspiration. His work helped establish a gay aesthetic and made him a celebrated figure on the New York art scene of the 1970s.…

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Interview with Alison Bechdel

Interview with Alison Bechdel

NPR interviews cartoonist Alison Bechdel on the occasion of her MacArthur Genius Grant. “I guess I’m proudest of just really sticking with this odd thing I loved and was good at — drawing comics about marginal people (lesbians) in a marginal format (comics). I never thought much about whether that was responsible, or respectable, or lucrative.”

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(Edit: FINE, here are some more pictures finally. He’s a majestic, yet elusive, beast, okay?!)

When I first got to Seattle, I took a walk around my new neighbourhood, Greenlake, to get to know the place. And by that I mean I went and found the nearest fro-yo shop. As I was rounding the corner back to my house I saw the most glorious thing sitting on the sidewalk: that cat, right there. That glorious, weird-faced cat. He came right up to me and we had a cuddle and I made sure to take a picture. Mostly because how can you verbally describe that face, am I right? 

I went inside and was all, “So, Lauren, there’s this weird looking cat.” And she’s all, “The white shaved one with the face?” And I was all, “YEAH!” That’s how that conversation went. She told me that he hangs around the neighbourhood and is super friendly. 

After that, every time I left the house or came home, I was hoping to run into the cat again. When I went out the other day for a walk (read: to get fro-yo), he was across the street chillin’. Maybe a little bit of illin’. (I have no idea what that means.) But this time he had a name tag.


Holy shit. That may be the most perfect name for that cat. I can’t even… Ugh, too good. 

Anyway, I think Mister Face should be famous on the Internet. He’s obviously way more fantastic than all those other Internet cats (sorry beloved Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, but it’s true). The only problem is that I’m afraid of Reddit. And everyone knows Reddit is how cats become famous. 

So somebody who is not afraid of Reddit should post some pictures of Mister Face so he can become famous. Then when people are all, “Excuse me, ma’am, could you hold the elevator for me?” I can be all, “Um, I discovered Mister Face. What have you done?” as the door closes in their face. 

Hail, Vulvatron of GWAR!

Hail, Vulvatron of GWAR!

We have been bereft since GWAR lost Oderus Ungerus. But lift up your heads and rejoice, fans of GWAR, there is a new member. She is Vulvatron! (via @saladinahmed)

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"A Crescent Moon Kingdoms Micro Mini-Guide"

“A Crescent Moon Kingdoms Micro Mini-Guide”

Throne of the Crescent Moon author Saladin Ahmed has posted “a micro-mini Crescent Moon Kingdoms world guide that had previously only been available as part of a UK-exclusive ebook” for people to use in their roleplaying games. But even if you aren’t a gamemaster, it’s pretty sweet.

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Mark D. White Talks About Captain America

Mark D. White Talks About Captain America

At We Are Respectable Negroes, Chauncey Devega interviews friend of the Gutter Mark D. White about the virtues of Captain America. “In this, the ninth episode, of the second season of WARN’spodcast series, we talk about what comic books and superheroes can tell us about philosophy and politics, work through what makes someone ‘heroic,’ the ways that the general public often misunderstands and…

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Critics and Comics

Alexander Chee wrties about difficulty some have in evaluating comics or even in taking them seriously. “As a frequent juror on prizes, colonies and fellowships, I am, it could be said, so tired of this, that in fact, I will fight you for Roz Chast’s right to be on this list. I will fight you for the right for Bechdel to get that MacArthur. In a ring, covered in grease, MMA style. That is how…

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